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Writing Styles

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A writing style refers to the particular method that a writer or an author uses to transform his thinking into written text. Style in writing is the individual method one decides to follow in building and expressing thoughts, both in oral expressions and written material.

  • 30 Jun 2017

Improving Your Writing Skills In English

If you want to know how to improve your English writing skills in there are many ways to do so without attending a class or spending a lot of money. You can take online programs that show you how to improve your grammar skills in English. It can be tricky to use proper grammar and other structural elements of the language in writing.

  • 10 Jul 2017

Business Promotional Gifts -Custom Pens and Other Writing Materials

Choosing effective promotional gifts should involve selecting extremely powerful marketing tools. Yes, there are so many promotional gift items to choose from, but not all are designed to become most effective gift items to promote and advertise a product.

  • 1 Jul 2017
Recent News
  •   8 Jul 2017   Posted By Sterling V.   37 Favs   0 Comments

    10 Business Uses for Twitter

    There are numerous ways to use Twitter for business purposes. Businesses from small to large are taking advantage of Twitter. Figuring out how-to use Twitter for your business is a challenge as there are many applications to benefit from and when you start using Twitter, you'll need to find out how-to use some of them.

    A good place to start is the basic tweet.

  •   11 Jul 2017   Posted By John B.   57 Favs   0 Comments

    How To Buy Greeting Cards That Express Your Love And Concern

    Greetings cards are a good way to show someone that you love them. They say love is the greeting card industries' best advertising. Love sells everything from candy to cards and much more. When you sell greeting cards, you sell emotions. Love is the strongest emotion.

  •   17 Jul 2017   Posted By Lillian M.   25 Favs   0 Comments

    Finding Available Office Space

    Finding the right office space is not as cut & dry as one would think. You need to consider future growth, security, that the electrical is adequate for all of the modern day devices such as TVs, computers, fax machines, telephone systems, and the list goes on and on.

    Available office space can be found in one of three ways.

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12 Jul 2017
Posted By Shawn M.

The Information You Need Concerning Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There is a lot of information regarding carpal tunnel syndrome, but unfortunately there is just as much false information. You need to know what it is, how it is treated and why it occurs. Learning preventative techniques can go a long way to saving you pain later down the road. This article can help you understand what this affliction is and how you can manage your life with it and even steps you can take to avoid it.
27 Jun 2017
Posted By Clinton W.

How To Write A Resume - The Wrong Way!

"I am highly motivated, energetic and hard working. I have exceptional communications skills both verbally and written. I am analytical and well organized. I am able to work independently and in teams ... I am seeking a position in a dynamic company such as yours ... please contact me so that we can discuss an opportunity.
25 Jul 2017
Posted By Emily W.

How to Find a Quality Copywriter

If you want to earn money on the internet, you are going to need a website. If you want that website to help you bring in funds, it must be very well written. Unless you are already a copywriter yourself, it's in your best interest to hire someone who is qualified to write the text for your site. An experienced copywriter will generate lots more profits than you would ever even be able to hope to see if you attempted to do all of the writing by yourself.
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30 Jun 2017
Posted By Gina L.

The Importance of Job Flexibility

According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, "flex-time is the most popular alternative work schedule offered by the responding companies, with two-thirds of the companies offering such a benefit." As well, a new University of Illinois study reports "that the mother's education is the most important factor, followed by her employment in jobs that offer either standard daytime hours or some flexibility.
30 Jun 2017
Posted By Curtis T.

How to Write a Press Release

Press releases are a great way to draw extra attention to your business and create a bit of a buzz around new events and products. However, if poorly written, your press release will never be picked up by the media and your great news, even if newsworthy, won't see the light of day. Here's how to write a press release that will have the media begging for more.
11 Jul 2017
Posted By Chuck P.

Thank You Messages To Write In Cards - Finding The Perfect Words

There are times when you need to say thanks and sometimes it can be frustrating trying to think of the right thank you messages to write in cards.There are many websites offering standard verses and thank you messages but to save you some time I have searched around and found some of my favourite thank you messages to write in cards.- Thank you just isn't enough! You're the best!- Thank you for all you do - you are a true friend.
12 Jul 2017

Art-n-Fly Marker Review

Huge thanks to Art-n-Fly for sending me these supplies to test out! I really appreciate the support! This isn't a sponsored video. Art-n-Fly website: ...

15 Jul 2017

Fountain Pen Review: Conklin Duragraph

Join the Conversation: http://penhabit.com/2015/02/14/pen-review-conklin-duragraph/ Support The Pen Habit: http://patreon.com/penhabit Facebook: ...

19 Jul 2017

Fountain Pen Review: Pelikan Stola III

Read the full written review, see additional photos, and join the conversation at http://penhabit.com/2016/03/27/pelikan-stola-iii-sponsored-by-goldspotpens/ ...

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